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We Are

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Like soldiers into battle,
we know not the targets we seek
nor the mines ahead.
We cannot see
the jumpers from the boughs,
the fire lit in quiet,
a flower droops in smoke.

Like cattle into slaughter
we glimpse the pastures never claimed
the prongs we never bore.
We cannot see
the green, the blue, the yellow,
the cool within the shade
of an oak tree ten feet high.

We are the herded squadron
who rest our weary heads
on the bodies of the dead.
We are the blackened eyes,
the charcoal hands
the poisoned ears,
the polished apple.

But who wields the blazing torch
that burns our senses,
and pours the wax into our minds?
Who is the shepherd
of the huddled horde
sealed from the sun and wind and rain?


-Rebecca Turner