The Best Guy

There was something about the way he hugged his daughter every morning that let Samantha know he was the best guy she had ever met.  She was probably the luckiest woman in all of the Metro area.  She held the morning good-bye kiss a little longer than usual and then waited on the porch as he drove away.  It was terrible to see him go, and Fridays were the worst because she had to wait until Sunday nigh to see him again.  Knowing she shouldn’t dwell in her selfishness, she turned back to the house to get her five-year-old ready for school.  Then her own day would begin.

Around noon Samantha found her mind drifting back six years ago when she first met Dean.  It was at a bar, even though in college she had sworn off all men in bars.  But six years ago she had just turned thirty and had officially given up hope of ever meeting the right guy or getting married.  Alone, she was drinking away her sorrowful thoughts and settling into the idea of being single for the rest of her life.  On her third drink, Dean sat next to her, but she was too engrossed in her own misery to notice him.

Three drinks later he had spilled his whole life story with her.  He was two weeks fresh from a divorce that left him with a summer home in Newport News, supervised weekend visits with his two boys and a bitter, broken heart.  She saw in him the same hopeless cynicism and took him home not two hours after he had sat down next to her.  It was a night of teenage recklessness, but she loved it and it was just what she needed.  The next morning as he left her apartment, she figured she’d never see him again, but they went out ever week for the next six months.

They were married the following June in a modest backyard ceremony just two months after she found out she was pregnant with Carmen.  It was a fast engagement, but now they were settled and couldn’t be happier.  Dean was the best thing that had happened to her.  He was an amazing father and she couldn’t imagine how his ex-wife could leave him out of his sons’ lives so much.  Every Friday evening, Dean had to drive an hour and a half to her house and was forced to stay in her basement just so he could see the kids because she wouldn’t allow him to take the children for a weekend.  His ex-wife was such a wolf with her children, snipping at anyone who tried to come near them.  Samantha felt awful for Dean, who couldn’t truly spend time with his boys and even worse that she could never be a part of their lives either.  Plus the fact that Dean had to stay overnight with that maniac of a woman made her heart yearn for him.  But he was too good of a father to just abandon his boys.  So he made the trip without fail every weekend.  He was such an blessing, so honorable.

Veronica dropped her keys on the foyer table and yelled out to her boys, “Guys! I’m home!”  She heard a racket from the kitchen and then two bobbing heads bolted from the doorway and into her arms.

“Hi mommy!” They cried, giving her kisses everywhere.

“Oh I missed you two so much! Where’s daddy?”

They grabbed her hands and pulled her into the kitchen where she saw Dean in the midst of a huge mess, but with a perfectly set table with a roast and all the side dressings.  Her face broke into a huge smile and she admired the effort her boys had put into a nice dinner for the whole family.

“Come here, gorgeous, you did such a good job.”  Dean came over and wrapped his arm around her waist, puller her close and gave her a deep, open kiss that made her drop her purse on the floor.  “God I missed you.  I wish you didn’t have to spend your whole week with that disgusting excuse for a woman.  You should be here with us, with your sons, with me.”

He pulled back a little and then kissed her on both cheeks.  “You know I want to be, I love it here, and I love you three with all my heart, but I can’t leave Samantha, we’d never survive without her money.  I have to do what’s best for everyone.  And I could never leave Carmen.  What kind of father would that make me?”

Veronica smiled and she knew, he was such a good guy.  He went and swooped up his two sons with one big grasp and kissed them both.  There was something about the way he hugged his sons every night that let Veronica know he was the best guy she had ever met.
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  1. Warren Rochelle Says:

    He has his cake and he is also eating it. How would he justify himself if he were the narrator?